• CODE:  Nonparametric Discriminant Analysis: nda
    Reference:  M. Bressan, J. Vitrià, Nonparametric discriminant analysis and nearest neighbor classification, November 2003, Pattern Recognition Letters, Volume 24 Issue 15.
    NOTE: The knn_eu() function is missing in this software distribution, but you can use any implementation of the k-nearest neighbor instead and it will work.
  • DATASET: Cover dataset  for text detection in complex backgrounds. Includes more than 15000 images and a labeled subset in xml: TextDB.rar. Reference: Sergio Escalera, Xavier Baró, Jordi Vitrià, and Petia Radeva, Text Detection in Urban Scenes, International Conference of the “Associació Catalana d’Intel·ligència Artificial”, CCIA, 2009.
  • CODE: ECOC Software Library: This toolbox implements the Error-Correcting Output Codes framework. The system is Matlab/Octave compatible. It contains the state-of-the-art on coding and decoding designs as well as two base classifiers. Moreover the code allows the inclusion of any classifier, coding, and decoding design in a very simple way: OpenSource Error-Correcting Output Codes Library.