The Prize of the year “Antonio Caparros” of the University of Barcelona for the best technology transfer project of 2013 has been awarded to Dr. Petia Radeva, and the rest of the IVUS team: Dr. Simone Balocco, Dr. Francesco Ciompi, Dr. Fina Mauri, Dr. Carlo Gatta, Dr. Oriol Pujol, Dr. Marina Alberti, Alberto Gonzalez, for the project “Computer Vision Methods to Assist the Treatment of Atherosclerotic Plaque by IVUS”. Congratulations to the whole team!

The researcher team has been working for years in the field of research in Vision Computer and its applications to various fields of medical image analysis. The result of the research conducted over the years had led to 3 international  patents. The awarded project stems from a research program that The foundation Bosch and Gimpera of the University of Barcelona signed with the University Hospital ” Germans Trias i Pujol” and the company Boston Scientific. The research program was the first stage dedicated to the design and development of algorithms based on computer vision and machine learning to detect and quantify the contours of the coronary arteries from IVUS images, which resulted in three international patents. The second phase developed an innovative methodology aimed at automatic detection of stents in IVUS images.

The jury chose our project among 16 applications. It highlighted the importance of medical imaging modality developed in the treatment of a pathological artery with the presence of atherosclerosis and information to assess the success of the intervention. It also highlights the recipient of the transfer  the company Boston Scientific , one of the world’s leading companies specializing in developing and supplying devices for diagnosis and treatment of diseases in various fields of medicine.