We are organizing an ICCV Workshop: Human Interaction in Computer Vision.

Social and industrial demands for Multimodal Interactive (MI) technologies and advanced man‐machine interfaces are increasing dramatically. Computer Vision (CV) plays a highly relevant role of in the development of these MI technologies and interfaces. However, traditional CV technologies have mainly focused on full automation, even though full automation often proves elusive or unnatural in many applications, where technology is expected to assist rather than replace human agents.

In the framework of the ICCV conference, this workshop focuses on discussing the human interaction role in computer vision algorithms. HICV attempts to analyze how existing CV technologies can naturally take benefit from the development of advanced interactive systems.

The interactive computer vision topic includes several research lines, ranging from efficient data annotation, image segmentation, applications to medical image analysis, semi‐supervised learning and other novel techniques involving Human‐in‐the‐Loop Computer Vision. Finally, this workshop pretends to identify the future challenges and opportunities entailed by the human‐interaction paradigm.

The workshop is sponsored by MIPRCV, the Spanish project about Multimodal Interaction in Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision:

More information on http://hicv2011.wordpress.com/about/